Unknown elements publishing anti-military posts on social media under PML-N name: Iqbal

News Source: Geo News

Author’s: Reuters

Originally Published Date: October 02, 2017


ISLAMABAD: Ahsan Iqbal — the Federal Minister of Interior — on Sunday underscored that some unknown people have recently been making negative posts on social media specifically aimed at the military under the banner of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Iqbal said the fact that some rogue elements — which are not affiliated with the PML-N — are publishing these posts on various social media channels under the banner of the incumbent ruling party is condemnable and despicable, especially with regard to the ongoing political scenario.

“Such actions are unsettling since people and the Pakistan Army are together in the war against terrorism,” the interior minister explained.

Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif, in line with Iqbal’s statement, added that some ignoble people through the use of fake social media accounts are trying to create dissent in an environment where the Army is already engaged in maintaining stability in Pakistan.

Asif also slammed the actions of these unidentified elements, adding that they worsen an already tense political scenario.

In light of Muharram, on the other hand, Asif said, “Thank God, the Ashuraprocessions went by peacefully and there was no untoward event.”

The foreign minister praised the overall performance of authorities during Ashuraand mentioned that the efforts of the provincial governments, police, and other law enforcement agencies are commendable.

Earlier today, Iqbal also clarified that the term “in-house cleaning” refers to strength. He was talking with regard to an earlier statement made by Asif.

A few days back, Asif had said the civil and military leadership are on the same page with regard to how Pakistan has to make a clean break from its past.


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