‘Social media is like a tea house. Anyone can say anything’: President Alvi

News Source: Daily Times

KARACHI: Highlighting the growing trend of social media usage, President Arif Alvi on Sunday said that social networks have become tea houses where anyone says anything without proper research and fact checking.

Speaking to a ceremony in Karachi, the president talked about various aspects of his past and present life and also shared his opinions regarding various contemporary issues. He mentioned the growing trend of social media usage saying that nowadays nothing remains hidden.

“Nothing remains hidden nowadays. Events from the past are brought and linked to the present ones (referring to his video in one of the PTI Dharnas that went viral in which he can be heard saying he can solve fuel related issues in no time),” he said.

Alvi also said he was criticised on social media for posting a review of Pakistani movie Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. “Some criticised me saying that the president of Pakistan should not watch movies like that, while others supported me. Social media is just like a tea house, anyone can say anything.

On his youth days, Alvi said that he was and remains a huge fan of Quantum Physics. He added that he got his first computer in 1983 when he and a friend bought 4 computers, 2 of which were sold by the two.

Alvi said that it was the state’s responsibility to provide equal education opportunities and standards to the children of rich and poor, adding that only a uniform education system can bring about prosperity in the country. The president also assured that the PTI will fulfill all its promises and will derive solutions to Karachi’s problems.

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