Research study explores Pakistan’s tech enabled women startups

Islamabad: Media Matters for Democracy with the support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) on Saturday, 15 December  launched a new research report on tech-enabled women entrepreneurship in Pakistan, in Islamabad. 

With insights provided by ten women entrepreneurs on different stages of setting up, running and scaling tech-enabled businesses, the study titled “SheConnets” explores trends and challenges for new entrants and also has a focus on the integration of home-based workforce through tech-based start-ups through its thematic approach.

The study celebrates the growing professional worth of women in tech and their leadership abilities, “Women are increasingly venturing out on their own – as business owners, founders of start-ups, executives and enablers. A definite enabler has been technology and the growing number of people connected to the internet and digital. Its impact is that now we see more women in business through the endless retail pages being operated by women of Pakistan,” said Sadaf Khan, the author and co-founder of Media Matters for Democracy.

The research investigates various ways the growing use of technology facilitates women, improves their reach, allows for inclusivity of women from diverse backgrounds and enables businesses to be seen as entities on their own instead of the gender that runs them.

It can be read here.

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