Punjab Safe Cities Authority issues law, order statistics

News Source: The News

LAHORE: Punjab Safe Cities Authority has issued law & order statistics along with Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication Center’s (PPIC3) performance review for the month of November 2018.

Authority’s Operations Monitoring Centre secured more than 25,549 observations that warranted interception of more than 96 suspicious persons by PRU and Dolphin Squad and a thorough probing of 5,530 suspicious vehicles.

A total of 4,472 vehicles and motorcycles were spotted and intercepted for having no or non-standard number plates and action was taken by the ground units. The OMC employs state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance operations through the geo-strategic grid of cameras within the metropolis. More than 85 rallies and protests were monitored and security measures were ensured. The 15 Emergency Helpline received 307,611 calls, out of which, 204,078 calls were considered hoax and an approximately 35,186 calls, with genuine concerns.

The Emergency Control Center (ECC) generated cases for further action while 39,073 calls received sought information, consultancy, traffic management or CTP help. The media monitoring centre continued its campaign regarding road safety, E-challaning and efficient use of 15 emergency helpline on official twitter account PSCAsafecities and official facebook account Punjabsafecities.

PPIC3 Centre served electronic data evidence acquisition requests initiated by the Punjab Police and other LEAs by releasing data pertaining to more than 329 heinous crime cases in addition to showing playback footage to investigation officers in 505 incidents.

PSCA extended its services in 1,226 cases pertaining to Rescue and 2,740 cases pertaining to

traffic queries and emergency calls. The PSCA public safety app also set its mark high this month thereby contributing to the recovery of five missing persons, 3 cars, 125 motorcycles and 3 auto-rickshaws through its lost & found centre.

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