Punjab Police to set up social media desks to nab criminals

News Source: Pakistan Today

LAHORE: Punjab Police is planning to set up social media desks in each district to more effectively fight crimes, Express Tribune has reported

The social media desks will initially help police solve murder, robbery and kidnapping cases. Later the scope will be widened to include cases of drug peddling, vehicle theft, use and possession of illegal weapons et al. The desk also aims to tackle  propaganda against police on social media.

According to Express Tribune, social media experts will be made part of the desk to help investigators trace the crime suspects.  Moreover, Police officers will be given training through short courses on the use of social media for aiding investigations.

Substantial resources for this purpose had already been dedicated by the Police department..

The need for social media desks

Express Tribune got in touch with multiple sources within police department. According to senior officers, they  felt the need to have their own dedicated social media desks especially last year, when they were unable to solve a few cases through traditional investigation techniques.

The investigators later turned to social media to resolve them. “This convinced them of the role that social media can play in busting crime.”,  noted the paper.

It is to be noted that the police department already manages its social media accounts but they are more often used to connect with people

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