PTA to promote online Interactive Remote Education

News Source: Pakistan Observer 

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced an initiative under a pilot project to provide free extra academic help to students for better understanding of their study material.

This supplement education has been delivered by imparting a unique learning experience that is essentially different from their general text books.

The Authority, in this regard, had joined hands with Internet Society (ISOC) Asia-Pacific Bureau and COMSATS Internet Services to provide online interactive remote education to 6th grade students of a Government Girls High School in rural Multan.

According to PTA report, TeleTaleem, a renowned and experienced tele-education provider was also hired to deliver real time online lectures of English, Mathematics and Science through an interactive classroom environment from Islamabad. The content delivered by teachers had been designed to make more use of activities, conceptual approach, alternative pedagogy and online resources.

In his comments, Chairman PTA said the government has always been supportive of ideas that make the best use of innovative technologies. Internet is nucleus of socio-economic development in future and this project has been introduced so that young girls could efficiently use internet.

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