Pakistan outranks India, Bangladesh in mobile internet speed

News Source: Express Tribune

Pakistan has been ranked 89th globally in the Mobile Internet speed category for the month of November according to a test conducted by Ookla.

The speed testing company previously ranked Pakistan at the 86th spot for the previous month.

Pakistan’s average mobile download rate is 13.08 Mbps compared to Norway’s 62.66 Mbps who is ranked first. The speed test is conducted every month globally.

For the fixed broadband internet category, Pakistan sits at the 126th rank with an average of 6.13 Mbps whereas the global average has come out to be 40.11 Mbps.

Despite the fall in places for November, the country has witnessed a gradual increase in mobile internet speed throughout the year.

The only saving grace for Pakistan is the fact that it outranks neighbours India who sits at the 109th rank with 8.80 Mbps average mobile download speed and Bangladesh ranked at the 120th spot with 4.97 Mbps average mobile download speed.

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