No decision for monitoring student’s social media; KU advisor denies media reports

ISLAMABAD:  University of Karachi, KU, Student Adviser Dr Syed Asim has denied reports that about the University’s plan to monitor social media usage of its monitoring of students. Earlier Today, a report in the The News claimed that KU had issued a code of conduct according to which “social media accounts of students would be monitored so they should use them responsibly and refrain from posting controversial posts”.

A copy of notification available with Digital Rights Monitor shows that the advisory directs students to be mindful oftheir moral conduct on social media but does not include any indication that the varsity plans to monitor their activity.

Talking to Digital Rights Monitor, Dr. Asim strongly denied the reports, saying that there is no plan monitoring students’ activities on social media. He said that they were only asking students to observe a moral code of conduct.

“It is not the job of university to actively monitor social media profiles. Our job is to guide them and we will continue to do that,” he said.

When asked if there were any plans to work with Federal Investigation Agency, FIA, for social media monitoring as reported in the story, he said that he was misquoted.

“Ummat newspaper published a news story a day ago about some pages being run in Karachi University’s name. As per the news these accounts engaged in immoral activities on social media”, He said, noting he had talked about getting in touch with cybercrime wing, NR3C of FIA, in the context of the Ummat story and the quote had been used out of context.

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