April 12, 2021

#Misinoformation: Poll shows 83% respondents saw misinformation on Facebook

According to an online poll conducted by Media Matters for Democracy, MMfD, 83% of the respondents said that they encountered fabricated information over Facebook.

The figure was received in response to a poll question Where did you encounter false or fabricated information online most recently?“ posed on MMfD’s Facebook page. The respondents were asked to choose between two options: Facebook and Twitter.

A total of 81 people took part in the online poll on MMfD’s Facebook page.

The poll also revealed that 17% of the population also encountered false news over Twitter.

It is interesting to note that more people in Pakistan are on Facebook than on Twitter. As of 2016-2017, there are more than 30 million Facebook users and more than 3 million Twitter users in Pakistan.

MMfD has recently launched a booklet in Urdu language contains easy-to-understand tips to avoid online misinformation and disinformation.





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Talal Raza is a Program Manager at Media Matters for Democracy. He has worked with renowned media organizations and NGOs including Geo News, The Nation, United States Institute of Peace and Privacy International.

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