Lahore university to probe social media group targeting women students: sources

News Source: Geo News

LAHORE: A private university in Lahore on Monday announced to investigate a social media group run by male students that was used to harassing and objectifying women and making inappropriate comments about them, sources said.

Sources also said the university had set up an investigative committee and that it would analyse the issue in detail after women students took to protesting in the campus after the matter came to light and refused to attend classes until the matter was properly resolved.

The university confirmed that the Facebook group had been shut down. In a post on Twitter, its students and alumni committee addressed the “serious misconduct using a Facebook group by Male students currently [enrolled],” saying “such behaviour will not be tolerated.”

According to a student, women at the university had unearthed a Facebook group comprising around 600 — mostly male, students — that was involved in circulating derogatory, explicit content targeting women. The students who were targeted, as well as their allies, consequently came together in solidarity to demand administrative action against the misogynistic campus culture that aided such an occurrence, the student added.

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