Girl averts “kidnapping attempt” during Careem ride

ISLAMABAD: Social media has been abuzz with latest allegations against a Careem captain for allegedly trying to kidnap a girl in Karachi. 

According to the post circulated widely on social media  and apparently copied from victim’s social media account, the attempted kidnapping allegedly happened after the girl booked a Careem ride on September 24 at 8 PM.

According to the post, during the ride the captain named Mohammad Tayyab tried to take the car towards a deserted area of Korangi creek.  When the girl asked him to stop the car, he refused to do so.  Eventually, the girl pulled the hand-break to stop it and got out of the car.

The victim also accused driver of trying to drag her back into the car and yelling at her. “He kicked my bags and I physically resisted and kept on waving to the cars passing by till a car stopped to help me, he then started pretending that he was yelling and kicking because I hadn’t paid him his fare. I gave him the money in front of everyone and reached home,”

In the post, the girl also noted that despite reporting the incident  to the Careem thrice, the management did not get back to her.

DRM tried to find the authenticity of the social media post but could not independently verify it. However, Careem has acknowledged the incident on Twitter after the Twerratis inquired about the incident from Careem while sharing screen shots of this post.

Responding to one of the twitter accounts, Careem Pakistan also stated: “we have investigated this case and have already taken corrective measures. Please be sure that we will never tolerate such a thing and that the safety and security of our customers is our top priority.”

However, Careem did not elaborate on what “corrective” measures had been undertaken so far.

Later an official statement was also issued by Careem.

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