Digital Rights Foundation has launched its new report titled “Digital (in)security of Journalists in Pakistan” which explores the levels of digital threats that journalists face, records their experiences of online insecurity, and concludes what protections they desire from the journalists community, their respective media organisations, and the government.

The report points at the appalling condition of online harassment and the sense of discomfort that journalists face while being online because of their work. It finds that 78% of the respondents of the survey had experienced some form of online threat or harassment; 92% respondents think that online harassment is really common; 45.5% of them thought that online insecurity resulted in them self-censoring themselves; and 56% of them think that online insecurity is tied with their physical safety.

In the light of some really serious stats collected form the working journalists, the DRF has put forward some recommendations that the journalists can benefit from if they are implemented in the form of policies.

Read more about this here: Report-Digi-Insecurity-of-Journos

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