Murderers of Careem Captain apprehended, claims DCO Islamabad

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad claimed that the murderers of Careem Captain Junaid, had been arrested.

Through the official Facebook page, DCO Islamabad also claimed that the Careem management will also pay Rs.1 million remuneration as part of its company’s policy. However, it could not be verified independently from the family of Junaid at the time of writing this report.

Careem Captain shot dead in Islamabad

A Careem captain named Junaid Mustafa was murdered in Islamabad on February 22, 2018.

As per detail, Mr. Junaid was shot dead near D-12, around 2:30 AM. Express Tribune reported that the murderers took away his Suzuki WagonR and two mobile phones.

It could not be verified whether Mr Junaid was carrying a ride when he was murdered or not. Different social media posts being shared indicated that he was murdered while carrying a passenger from F-11 to D-12. Later, Express Tribune reported that the Careem captain picked a ride from F-11 at 2:#5 AM, traveled 11 Kilometers and ended the ride at 2:58 AM. It could not be ascertained where did the customer took them but police sources revealed that his dead bod was found in Street 79 of G 13/1. It was also revealed that Mr. Junaid was shot with 30-bore pistol multiple times in chest and left arm.

Meanwhile, Golra Police have registered a case against unidentified persons but could not find any clue in the case.

It took Careem 24 hours to acknowledge the murder through its official Facebook Page. However, Careem also insisted that the captain was not accompanied by a ride, apparently to avert any claims from the heirs for compensation.

When asked about what Careem management was doing to compensate the deceased captain, Careem’s representative Sibtain Naqvi said:

“It’s a terrible tragedy and Careem hopes the Almighty protect all from harm. Careem considers it a personal loss and requests you to pray for the departed and his family. We are in constant contact with Junaid Mustafa’s family for support and have arranged for Quran khawani in multiple locations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for our departed captain.”

Careem Captains to protest against management policies:

On the other, many Careem captains in Islamabad are on strike for an indefinite period. “We will gather in F-9 park after Jumma prayers to launch our protest.”

One Careem captain who is also leading the protest, said: “Junaid was murdered because he went into an area where drivers would not even go in broad day light.” He blamed Careem for Junaid’s murder and said that the captains had been urging the management for a very long time to make it compulsory for everyone to add drop off location.. He said that without knowing the drop off location, the Captain would not know which area he would he heading to. “If we know the location, we would be in a better position to gauge whether any area is safe to drive or not,” he added.

Also, according to the captain, they asked Careem management to send rides of those customers who were registered, Careem had complete details about them and that they were regular Careem users. However, all demands were turned down. He lamented that Careem sent them a message three days ago that any driver cancelling the ride for more than three times in a week shall be fined Rs.1000. “It is the pressure of such policies that took away the life of our fellow captain Junaid, “he said adding that they would continue to protest against these policies unless their demands were met.

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