Attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old by a Careem captain, claims a customer’s relative

KARACHI: A 13-year-old boy averted an attempted kidnapping in Karachi by a Careem captain on Tuesday, claimed a Waqas, a relative. 

A Facebook post made by one Syed Waqas Tanveer, claims that his 13-year-old nephew was mugged and an attempt was made to kidnap him. Luckily for the boy, the driver met an accident and he managed to run away, according to Mr. Waqas. However, he expressed frustration at inaction by Careem. “Sad part is that Careem HAS NOT taken any responsibility nor has registered any complaint nor are taking any kind”, the post said. Waqas also expressed frustration at inaction by Careem.“[The] sad part is that Careem has not taken any responsibility nor has registered any complaint nor are taking any kind of action”, his post noted.

The controversy around an unsupervised minor passenger

The post received a lot of attention and responses on the Facebook, especially criticism for allowing a child to travel unsupervised. Some users also noted that the complaints filed via telephone are never returned and that complaints filed through email get quick responses.

Careem claims to take inappropriate action

Meanwhile, Careem’s spokesperson Sibtain Naqvi stated that the captain has been blocked. “We have blocked captain and are in touch with the customer. The customer has been contacted several times and we will keep trying to placate him”.

When asked whether Careem takes any responsibility to register FIR against the driver and compensate the victim, he said: “We investigate all complaints and take appropriate action. If a customer files an FIR we are there to support him. Customer and captain are insured for physical injury and fatality”.

In response to concerns that Careem does not respond to phone calls, he said: “Our call centers are working 24/7 and both email and the UAN 111-227-336 get quick responses”.

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